Thursday, September 22, 2011

CommonJS exports spec ambiguity

I have just been reading the spec for CommonJS. In the 1.0 Spec it refers to the exports variable and object interchangeably.

  1. In a module, there is a free variable called "exports", that is an object that the module may add its API to as it executes.
  2. modules must use the "exports" object as the only means of exporting.

There is no mention of "module" or "module.exports".

I've also realized I am a blithering idiot. I put console.dir(module); in an empty module and I saw that it was populated with a great many things. Most pertinently, module has a property named exports already initialized to an empty object. If you add something to module.exports like = 'bar'; then console.dir(exports); will output { foo : 'bar' }. It is sad how much my coding skills have atrophied the last few years. I used to be rather sharp ... oh well.

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